29 March 2011

Decisions, Decisions

It's like walking into a huge book store, with bookcases from floor to ceiling, shelves bending under the weight of the wide assortment of books. But you can only choose one, just one, and you must completely finish it before choosing the next. Some will be quick reads, over quickly. Others will take much longer. And that is where I stand: skimming the titles, weighing the choices, wondering which will be the best choice. The decision isn't easy. Once you forward there is no turning back. I try to avoid glancing with envy at those around me that appear firm and confident in their decisions, absolutely certain where they are going. Me? I'm at the end of one chapter of my life, wondering what will happen in the next and pondering what it might hold. Until I finish, only God knows. So I make a choice, grab a book, and squeeze my eyes shut as I turn the page to the next chapter of my life, hoping and praying I made the right choice.

25 March 2011

Wandering Feet

I have what I call "wandering feet". I love to travel. I love to plan. Which means as soon as one trip is over, I'm ready to plan the next. There are so many exciting and exotic places to see, interesting people to meet, new things to try. I want to visit New York, California, Colorado, Missouri, Great Britian, New Zealand, Washington State...a meaningful visit to each of the fifty states, and at least one visit to each continent would be nice, just put it on my tab. Sure, it may never happen, I may end up a pastor's wife in a little town in the south, with just enough money to support us and our eight kids. ;) But hey, it's always fun to dream!

One of the best things about travelling is having a home to return to. Somewhere that everything is familar, where you settle in to your usual routine just as if you had never left your doorstep. But home is not meerly a home with four walls and a roof, it's the people that it holds within. It is the joy of recounting your personal travels to an eager audience, or reminescing about shared memories. Our laughter and our memories are the glue that binds us together. Because no matter where we go, nor how far we wander, wherever those that are closest to our hearts reside will be the most precious spot on this earth.

18 March 2011

Wearing Our Masks

"But our wounds are part of who we are and there is nothing left to chance. And pain's the pen that writes the songs that call us forth to dance" - Michael Card
"...the experiences of our lives, when we let God use them, become the mysterious and perfect preparation for the work he will give us to do." - Corrie ten Boom
I've begun to realize more and more how often we have particular masks we hide behind - myself being no exception. The pain, the tears, the heartache are hidden behind the masks we put on when we go out the door. We're hurting, bleeding to death on the inside. To reveal this to others, even our closest friends, can be painful. It's admitting that we are weak and imperfect. It hurts our pride, especially when it appears that everyone else around us has everything together. If only we realized that so often they, too, are wearing their own masks.

The skeletons in the closet haunt us. Even in the deepest, darkest corner, they are glow like the day, threatening to escape into the open at a moments notice. We are ashamed of what others might think if they saw them and are contantly pushing them deeper into the darkness.

The deep wounds we receive always leave a scar. Sometimes it is noticeable, sometimes it fades over time, and sometimes it simply scabs over until there's an opportunity for it to reopen. None of us can make it through life without procuring at least one of these wounds, and some of us will have many. They are the battlescars of life.

The echoing question is "Why?". Occasionally we will receive an answer, though it is not always immediate. Why is there so much hurt and pain? Why does this have to happen to me? The two quotes I've posted at the top have been comforting in the midst of my pain. There is nothing, nothing, left to chance. God has choreographed the dance of our lives, and perhaps the pain is a necessary warm-up for a glorious moment later on in our lives. Or perhaps, as painful as the moment may be, it is the best way for Yahweh to be glorified through us. It could be the supporting beams of our witness to the world for Christ. We won't always know the purpose behind the pain, but one thing we can do is glorify and exhalt Him no matter what happens. Soli Deo Gloria!

15 March 2011

Random Ramblings

Every year, just about this time, I become terribly sick with spring fever. Everything gets a cleaning or some organizing, and my blog is no exception. As you may notice, whenever the content starts to change so does the name. (If you see anything you hate, or I remove something that you enjoy/use, let me know!) As of late, I've been rambling on more than usual, which has prompted the title change - a shift from dry writing to hopefully a peek into the mercies of God in my day-to-day life. This doesn't mean I won't be starting anymore dicussion or debates (anyone that know me well knows that I'm always up for a good dicussion!), but that posts related more personally to me will be appearing in-between. Hopefully my readers will be able to look past my ramblings and see the glories of my King. As always, to Him alone be the glory!

14 March 2011

Sweet Memories

Memory. It's such a fascinating thing. Our memories are one of the few things that will stick with us for nearly all our lives, the one thing that we can consistently carry (more-or-less) with us through most circumstances. Memory and laughter are also the glue that binds people together. There's a connection you create when you start to spend time with people, stories are lives that will be recounted later on, bringing laughter or tears to those that shared the same experience.

This week was a wonderful time of memory making. I enjoyed the opportunity to attend the Greenville Spring Theological Conference. Originally I was worried that being gone right before the homeschool ball would create problems, but it ended up being the best thing I could've done. Instead of spending three days worrying about ball preparations, I spend three delightful days learning about the Holy Spirit, laughing, and fellowshipping with friends. I'm thankful the Lord worked everything out so that a family was willing to let me tag along. Now I have so many good memories for that week of both fun and serious conversations, random jokes and comments, and shared experiences. I wouldn't change it for the world. The other thing I've made memories of was the homeschool ball. This was the biggest, craziest thing I've ever done, but with the help of the Lord, it was a sucess. God brought all these different gifted people together that really helped me get everything done. I had so much fun before the ball even began, as we laughed and decorated together. Then there was the people helping behind the scenes at the ball, keeping the food trays filled and working the sound. The people way up on my grateful list, though, are those that stayed behind to help put things away after the ball was over, even with the daylight savings time change and living up to an hour away! I was prepared to not leave until after midnight, since I was certain that next to no one would want to stay and put everything away. But Yahweh is good, and blessed me with so many people helping that we were finished up within the hour. I am amazed at the goodness of God, and the selfless people He sent to help me!

Now it is time to move forward. To fill that gap that ball planning used to fill. To prepare for the next big thing. But still, I'll look back and smile when I think about harps and heaven, drink out of a water fountain, sing Psalm 98A, see a lamp post, look at my Narnia quotes and posters, think of Sharon Presbyterian, or when some random memory from the past week suddenly pops into my head. And I'll thank God for His good gifts towards me, because I certainly don't deserve all this.