27 June 2010

When We Make God Small

I came across this excellent article in my weekly Boundless email. (If you don't receive it, hop on over to http://www.boundless.org/ and sign up!). It was a timely reminder for me. I think ladies tend to worry - especially about the future - more so than guys. There are just so many what-ifs and unknowns that can become hopelessly caught up and entangled in. We've taken our focus off of God and have stopped trusting in Him. When we worry about the future we are forgetting His sovereignty. We're forgetting His power. As mentioned in the article, if we knew what our future looked like, how would we learn to trust our Father? We don't know what next month, or next year, or ten years from now will look like, but we can rest in the fact that the Ruler and Creator of all is in control, and that He will work all things together for our good and His glory.

Leaning On Him

This past week I've been reminded more than usual about my constant dependence on Yahweh for everything. When times are good it is easy to forget that we only draw our next breath because of Him. It takes only an instant for things to change - the next step could be the last time enjoy the privilege of being able to walk, or tonight may be your final night spent on this earth. I've been striving to constantly remind myself that it is all because of Him and to not take things for granted. Not only that, but if He has given me these gifts and blessings, I want to use them well and to glorify Him. So don't wait until it is taken away to be thankful for all His blessings, and thank Him by using them for His glory.

09 June 2010

He Is There

When the night is the darkest, when sorrows overwhelm us, when we don't know who to turn to, He is there holding my hand, leading me on. All I need to do is let go and trust Him. Everything will work out according to His plan. I don't need to worry, He is in control. And to me that is the greatest comfort there is.