14 May 2010

Is there only one? Part 2

To better express my viewpoint, I have gathered a few articles for anyone interested. They do a much better job than I!

Path to Marriage: Predestined or Freewilled?

Soul Mates or Sole Mates?

Mentor Series: The Burning Bush


06 May 2010

Is there only one?

Some random thoughts of mine on "the one" :

A common train of thought in today's society is that there is one person out there, Mr./Mrs. Right, who can complete them. They just have to find them. But is there really just one person that you would be able to marry?

I think the concept of "the one" can be a destructive one. The tendency is to set the standard high - too high - and turn down perfectly acceptable suitors because of minor character flaws. Young women especially need to face reality and realize that Prince Charming will be a sinful young man who does not live to make her happy. I realize that if the Lord wills for me to marry, that my husband will not be perfect. He'll have flaws, habits that annoy me, and sins that he struggles with. If we search for that perfect young man with his own home, a well-paying job, perfect credentials, no flaws...we will never find him.

I do think there are certain people we are "compatible" with. But is there only one? Nope. Neither should we settle for the first person we find. Wait for God's best. Keep an open mind, she/he won't always be what we imagined. Stop waiting for the one, and look at the godly young people around you.
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05 May 2010

What is at the center?

There one essential that we ought to always strive to keep at the center of everything and that is the gospel. Without it we are lost. Daily, we should be preaching it to ourselves. We ought to constantly be teaching it, no matter the subject. Never should we take for granted the fact that we already know the gospel, that we no longer need to hear it. When that happens the gospel is no longer at the center. My admonition to you is to constantly strive to keep the gospel forefront and center, not matter what may come to try and replace it.