03 January 2011

Another Trip Around The Sun

Reading over my journals from this past year, it's hard to believe that only a year has passed by. It has been a full year, full of both sorrows and joys. Probably more than anything else, it was a year of firsts. I rode in an ambulance. I had my first paid calling gig. I enjoyed my first Greenville conference. I visited breath-taking Lookout Mountain for the first time. For the first, and hopefully last time, I got stuck in a parking lot on a concrete barrier at Covenant College. I watched the first of my siblings get married. For the first time, I was the administering shots. It was my first time staying at the hospital for over a week straight. It was the beginning of the Tummas Dance Group. Of course there was the other highlights like finishing Les Miserables (the book), seeing the play Les Miserables, dancing at Fandango, enjoying food and friends numerous times, finishing my JT400 quilt, and countless other memories that were made over this past year. I spent many lovely hours chatting with my dear friend Hannah, who is always there, willing to talk with me about what's going on and always giving me new ideas and inspiration. I enjoyed getting to know the sweet, godly Londa better through her blog and emails, and looked forward to each long email as she willingly befriended me even though I am several years her senior. I was stretched through Isaiah's blog and our occasional discussions as he helped me see both sides of the issue. I enjoyed getting to know Amy and seeing how well she complements Jason. I had fun going to conference with Jason and all the discussions we were able to have. Then of course there was the late nights Jen and I would spend talking about everything and anything. I met new people through our dance group. There were many good times, but there were many hard times too. That is one thing that Yahweh has really taught me this year - trust. To trust in Him for the future. To trust Him when I worried about my youngest brother. To trust Him when things didn't go the way I wanted. To trust Him in everything - everything. It hasn't always been easy, but by God's grace He has taught me to trust in Him more deeper and fully than I ever have before. As I stand on the edge of 2011, I look forward to (Lord Willing) Greenville, BWSC, surgeries over with, getting medical training, and hopefully hosting Nor'easter, just to name a few. But even more than all that, I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for me and what He will teach me this coming year as He leads me heavenward.