04 July 2011

Best days of our lives


a tidy house awaiting a special guest
the smile of a friend as she runs up to greet you
long conversations in person
walks on the beach
going down sliding rock together
the exchanged looks when something is funny
plans going almost smoothly
A well-timed visit of the holder of a key that lets us in to a locked building
happy faces at dance
trying out the new sound system
live banjo and guitar music
water fights in the ocean
singing along to broadway songs while walking on the beach
evenings on the beach, when the breeze kisses your face as you sit on the cool sand
being able to stand at the foot of a waterfall with the wind gently whispering in your ear and the cool mist swirling all around
finally acheiving the exact shade of paint you want
finding someone with a wet saw to borrow
cut pieces coming together just right
chuckles from Jon
forgiveness, time and time again
sweet compliments from friends
"You Are Loved" playing while grocery shopping
Gnomeo and Juliet in the car while travelling
laughing at Julian Smith videos together