13 February 2011

Rambling Nonsense Induced by Hospital Stays

Wait, wait and wait some more. I've never really been the most patient person to begin with, but when you're holding a sick loved one with no idea exactly what's going on, it is one of the most difficult things in the world. You can't make cultures grow rapidly. But then when they do finally come back, and things look rather fine, everyone is confused as to exact what is going on. Maybe we'll never know exactly what is going on. But it is a comfort to know that there is one who that know exactly what is going on, and He is overseeing everything.

It is easy to feel discouraged and hopeless. They keep poking and looking, poking and looking, but a decent vein is hard to come by. There are desperate, pleading prayers rising from the bedside. Usually they will end up finding something. If not, I know Someone has a better plan.

I look for wisdom from the doctors, hoping they will know what to do. But when they shrug their shoulders, I realize that wisdom must come from on high. That is where trust must be placed, not in man.

I'm tired of choosing meals, lack of sleep, not being together as a family, missing out on church services, and seeing my baby brother look so skinny. I want to go home, back to regular routines and normal life. But God is working here. How exactly, I don't completely know yet. I may, in fact, never know. One thing I know is that God wrote the poem of my life, and I will excitedly wait for each new step as He leads me closer to Him.