29 August 2012

Hair Clip Giveaway/Online Party

Just slipping in for a minute to let you all know about an online party a friend of mine is having on her blog! Head on over there before tonight and you can enter to win a clip from Lilla Rose. Even if you don't win, be sure to check out the different flexi clips, hair sticks, and other items on the Lilla Rose website. I have several flexi clips that I use all the time. I love these and receive a compliment just about every time I wear them! I don't spend a lot of time fixing my hair, so it was wonderful to be able to find these - just a quick twist of my hair and I'm done! These are very sturdy, I've been using mine for about three years now and the only problems I've had is one of the little dangles coming off of one (it's still fine and you don't notice it's gone). One of my favorite times to wear the flexi clips is when I'm dancing. Any other hairstyle always seems to fall out or come loose since I'm a bit of a rambunctious dancer. :) With these clips, I can quickly pull my hair up and out of the way without worrying about it getting messed up. If it starts getting loose, or I want to readjust it, I can easily and quickly do it in a matter of seconds while I'm waiting out at the top or bottom of the dance. These are great for girls, and guys these would make great gifts for your sisters, mothers, and significant others! Head on over and check them out today! :)