30 April 2012

Post Event Blues

Sometimes it's rather aggravating how much work goes into such a short amount of times. Six hours of meetings, countless  hours of planning, four hours of shopping, nine hours of cooking, eight hours of decorating and hundreds of dollars later, the annual historical ball is over, just like that. Just now it is really starting to sink in, though the full post-event blues will really set in after the thank notes are written, the final checks cashed, and the decorations packed tidily away. It's a bittersweet feeling. I'm looking forward to getting a decent amount of sleep (the five hours every night this week just didn't cut it) and having some other things to think about and focus on. I won't have to worry any more whether I'm missing or forgetting something as I drift off to sleep. I will miss all the fun I had planning this with some very amazingly awesome people. I will miss dancing the night away with friends. In some ways, I'll miss the rushing around, pulling things together at the last minute (like those pitiful target cookies that started as a great idea but ended up not having enough time allotted for them). However, I'm not desperate enough to find something else to plan quite yet. I'm ready to enjoy just being a guest for a while. :) 

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